Cleveland Public Theatre Danceworks 2017 presents MorrisonDance “In the Space of Dreams” June 1-3, 2017 at 7:00pm

Cleveland Public Theatre DANCEWORKS 2017 presents MorrisonDance “In the Space of Dreams” created by Sarah Morrison in collaboration with composer Braden Pontoli Thurs-Sat June 1-3, 2017 at 7:00pm In a double bill with Behind the Next Door by Alpha Cleveland Public Theatre’s James Levin Theatre 6415 Detroit Ave. Cleveland, OH 44102 TIX: $12 Thurs, $30 Fri-Sat … Continue reading

Male Dancers needed for MorrisonDance project “In the Space of Dreaming” to premiere at Cleveland Public Theatre

MorrisonDance is seeking to add MALE dancers/performers to our unique dance ensemble for our new project “In the Space of Dreaming” to premiere during Cleveland Public Theatre’s DanceWorks ’17, June 1-3, 2017. In line with MorrisonDance’s goal to synthesize a breadth of dance styles, auditioning performers may have experience in any movement style; however, training … Continue reading

MorrisonDance wraps up several school residencies with the Center for Arts Inspired Learning in 2016

What a busy fall for MorrisonDance! In addition to 7 performances through the City is Our Playground, MorrisonDance has worked in partnership with the Center for Arts Inspired Learning to provide several cross-curricular movement residencies in schools throughout Northeast Ohio. Here are some of our favorite highlights!       For booking and information on our … Continue reading

The City is Our Playground 2016 – upcoming festival choreovisations!

Cleveland, OH: Every summer, professional dancers from MorrisonDance hit the streets in their series “The City is Our Playground”. Using a combination of choreography from their latest theatrical productions and interactive improvisations, these performers bring the art of dance to street level through “choreovising!”, making it feel as though you are walking through the streets of … Continue reading

Sarah Morrison talks STEAM at the NASA Glenn Open House, Sunday, May 22

Artistic Director, Sarah Morrison, has never considered dance as separate from Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering (STEM). In fact, she often uses these areas as inspiration for her choreography and educational outreach programs. “Dancing IS physics. It IS geometry. It IS sequential and mathematical. I never understood how it became considered such a ‘separate’ discipline when … Continue reading

MorrisonDance in Detroit

MorrisonDance is excited to be sharing “PhoboPhobia” as a part of Kristi Faulkner Dance’s REGENERATION at the Marlene Boll Theater April 22 & 23, 2016 at 8PM. Get tickets here! REGENERATION explores themes of revival and renewal through the lens of 28 different artists hailing from 6 states over the course of 2 days. Kristi Faulkner – … Continue reading

HUManIMALS at Cleveland Public Theatre, March 17-19, 2016

Cleveland Public Theatre’s DanceWorks ’16 presents MorrisonDance in HUManIMALS Chilean Flamingos dance in private, Capuchin Monkeys reject unequal pay, Peacock Spiders use “jazz hands,” and that all too elusive animal group – humans – well, they have introspection. Animal behavior has often been studied to try to gain a greater understanding of humans, and in … Continue reading


Open call to dancers/performers (paid performance opportunity): Sunday, January 17, 2016 10:00-1:00pm PULSE DANCE STUDIO 661 Broadway Ave.  Bedford, OH 44146 MorrisonDance is casting MALE and FEMALE dancers/performers for our new project “humANimals” to premiere during Cleveland Public Theatre’s DanceWorks ’16, March 17-19, 2016. In line with MorrisonDance’s goal to synthesize a breadth of dance … Continue reading