FREE Family Dance Workshop at Novak Park, July 11th!

MorrisonDance leads free “Family Dance Games” at Novak Park in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, Wednesday, July 11th from 6-7pm.

GPS: 1900 Fulton Rd., Cleveland, OH 44113

Have fun, spend quality time with your young kids, and get exercise – ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! DANCING is one of the most fun ways to play with your kids and to set a good active example for a healthy future. Bring your little ones out to this dance workshop led by a professional choreographer, teacher (and mom!) from MorrisonDance. The instructor will lead participating families in several different “dance games” guaranteed to delight the little ones, and get the grown-ups moving, too! While the music used will target an age group of 4-6 years old, older and younger siblings are more than welcome to participate, and parents or caregivers will definitely join the fun! So, wear some comfortable clothes, bring some water to drink, and bring out the family for some dancing fun!

This event is being held by Ohio City Near West Development Corporation, and  is a part of the MorrisonDance summer series “The City is Our Playground.”

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