MorrisonDance at Taste of Tremont 2013

On Sunday, July 21, 2013 from 3-4:30pm
MorrisonDance will make this summer’s first of many festival appearances at Taste of Tremont, on Professor Ave. between Starkweather and Fairfield in Cleveland, 44113.

The festival is free, but bring some money for some tasty treats!!!

MorrisonDance will present their annual summer series “The City is Our Playground,” adapting their latest work “GOOD FENCES” to the streets for interactive, visually kinetic fun throughout festivals in Northeast Ohio!


Additional “City is our Playground” appearances will take place at the following festivals in Cleveland:

One World Festival, Sunday, Aug 25 2:30-3:30pm
Open Air at Market Square, Saturday, Aug 31st 2:00-3:30pm*
Berea Arts Fest, Sunday, Sept 8th from 12-1pm*
Tremont Arts and Cultural Festival, Sunday, Sept 22nd from 2:30-4pm

*these are the dates we are dancing with music ensemble extraordinaire – Trepanning Trio!

Click here to watch our “Flamingo” performances from last year’s “The City is Our Playground, 2012,” adapted from the staged choreography “WHY.”

Click here to view the staged version of “Good Fences.”

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