While MorrisonDance is hiding in the studio creating, we will be posting videos of previously performed dances that have not yet been released online for TBT on our Facebook site – make sure to check us out!

Today’s release is

Concept, creation and costumes by Sarah Morrison.
Creative contributions and performance by Jenni Hankey and Taliesin Reid Haugh.
Commissioned Score by Jeremy Allen with voice-over by Clyde Simon.


A unique pas de deux conceived and choreographed by Sarah Morrison with creative input from MorrisonDance performers Jenni Hankey and Taliesin Haugh. PhoboPhobia explores the imbalance between fear and vulnerability. Accompanied by a heart-pounding original score by Cleveland composer, Jeremy Allen, actor Clyde Simon recites from a condensed list of over 550 existing phobias while the dancers become less and less connected out of fear. A humorous, albeit frightening reflection of our societal neuroses, the dance takes a positive turn when the individuals emerge from their protective pods to explore trust and vulnerability, thereby finding true connection.

For a list of phobias that inspired this work, visit:

premiered in April, 2015 at the Cleveland Public Theatre Danceworks series Cleveland, OH
This piece was made possible through funds from the Rauschenberg SEED Grant and MorrisonDance is is supported in part by the residents of Cuyahoga County through a public grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.

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