Open call to dancers/performers (paid performance opportunity):

Sunday, January 17, 2016 10:00-1:00pm
661 Broadway Ave.  Bedford, OH 44146

MorrisonDance is casting MALE and FEMALE dancers/performers for our new project “humANimals” to premiere during Cleveland Public Theatre’s DanceWorks ’16, March 17-19, 2016.

In line with MorrisonDance’s goal to synthesize a breadth of dance styles, auditioning performers may have experience in any movement style; however, training in modern, ballet, and/or jazz techniques is preferred.  Performers must be 18 or older and have prior performance experience.  The project will be heavily rooted in contemporary techniques, improvisational and experimental development, ensemble work and nontraditional partnering.

To reserve a spot, please email our office assistant MaryPat Dorr at Submit your resume, photograph (headshot and body shot if available) and any available video links to help us get to know you as a performer!

Performers will be required to attend weekly rehearsals  and must be available during the week of technical rehearsals, Monday March 14th – Wednesday March 16th in addition to show dates March 16-19th.  Performers will receive a stipend for the project, and may have opportunities to join us in future paid projects.

humANimals will be a collection of short dances inspired by animal and human behavior. Animals and humans move and behave in different ways as individuals, collectives, and systems. From the emergent property of birds flocking, the operant conditioning of Skinner rats, or the freezing behavior of animals in the presence of a predator that can only perceive motion, animal behavior has often been studied to try to gain a greater understanding of humans. Using introspection, humor and clever interpretations, MorrisonDance will explore some of the theories of animal (and human) behavior through the art of movement.

MorrisonDance is a  non-profit performing company whose purpose is to inspire and cultivate public awareness of the art of dance through performances and cross-disciplinary collaborations.  To provide, promote, and participate in educational and outreach programs that increase the awareness of dance and that encourage community cultural and artistic endeavors; to research and develop integrated and cross-disciplinary teaching and presentation methods for dance; and to create opportunities for artists and performers of various media, augmenting the accessibility of dance as a performing art.
For more information on MorrisonDance:

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