Sarah Morrison talks STEAM at the NASA Glenn Open House, Sunday, May 22

astronauts 019

During their “Rendezvous” collaboration in 2007-2008, Sarah had the opportunity to spend the day with the STS-120 crew led by Commander Pamela Melroy who also trained as a ballet dancer. Astronauts enjoy dancing too!

Artistic Director, Sarah Morrison, has never considered dance as separate from Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering (STEM). In fact, she often uses these areas as inspiration for her choreography and educational outreach programs.

“Dancing IS physics. It IS geometry. It IS sequential and mathematical. I never understood how it became considered such a ‘separate’ discipline when it basically is the synthesis and application of all of these disciplines!” says Sarah.

Sarah will be joining David DeFelice and Gail Perusek of NASA Glenn to talk about several of MorrisonDance’s past collaborations with NASA at the NASA Glenn Open House. The Open House is on both Saturday, May 21st and Sunday, May 22nd. Sarah’s presentation will take place in Building 126 on Sunday at 3:30pm. After a brief summary of past collaborations, there will be a screening of “Walking on Other Worlds,” a video using dance to showcase the technology of the enhanced Zero-gravity Locomotion Simulator.


MorrisonDance offers several programs using dance as a way to get students of all ages interested in the STEM subjects. Please visit our partnering organization Center For Arts Inspired Learning if you are interested in booking a program at your school, library, community center. We have several programs already designed, but we also love to tailor programs to particular subjects!

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