MorrisonDance wraps up several school residencies with the Center for Arts Inspired Learning in 2016

What a busy fall for MorrisonDance! In addition to 7 performances through the City is Our Playground, MorrisonDance has worked in partnership with the Center for Arts Inspired Learning to provide several cross-curricular movement residencies in schools throughout Northeast Ohio.

Here are some of our favorite highlights!


MorrisonDance director Sarah Morrison is joined by Dana Wasielewski to teach “Sound and Light” through Dance to the fifth grade classes at Franklin Elementary School in Elyria, OH, 2016.



MorrisonDance performers MaryPat Dorr, Jenni Hankey, and Dana Wasielewski perform 9.8 m/s^2 for the eight grade classes at Harmon Middle School in Aurora, OH as a part of our larger residency program G-R-A-V-I-T-Y, The Big G! 



MorrisonDance performer Heather Baur is joined by Dana Wasielewski and Sarah Morrison in a moment of free dance during their Yoga/movement residency at the Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s Digital Arts High School in downtown Cleveland.


- Photo © Bob Perkoski,

Sarah Morrison and Jenni Hankey of MorrisonDance have taught over 1,000 preschool children through their program Fit Fun Frolic!


“When you dance it relaxes you. I never knew that ever!” – feedback from one of our fifth graders who also enjoyed the fact that dance classes allow time for mastery!

For booking and information on our educational programs, please visit the Center for Arts Inspired Learning.

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