MorrisonDance’s new rehearsal home in shared Maker Space!

MorrisonDance renovations

After 9 months of hard work and support (yes – we were pregnant with possibilities!!!), MorrisonDance is thrilled to be a part of a group of makers who are contributing to the revitalization of the old Osborne Industrial Complex. Spearheaded by Ingenuity Cleveland, the old industrial warehouse located in the St. Clair / Superior neighborhood is slowly being converted into a community of innovators and makers!

Special thanks goes to Emily Appelbaum for inviting us to play!

Also – we wouldn’t be able to dance in such an amazing and inspiring space if it weren’t for the support of those who helped contribute financially to our new heater!

Thanks for keeping us warm and cozy through the winter months!!

Richard A. Brokopp, John M Kasunich, Sharon Kilfeather, Sarah Morrison, Amanda Rawls, Bethany J Schulz, and four additional anonymous donors.

Also, to the amazing dancers who came together to clean and renovate!

Amanda Clark, MaryPat Dorr, Jenni Hankey, Sarah Morrison, and Dana Wasielewski!

View our renovation video here!

One thought on “MorrisonDance’s new rehearsal home in shared Maker Space!

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