May 24 – 26th, 2018: 20th Anniversary Showcase at Cleveland Public Theatre DanceWorks ’18


Cleveland Public Theatre DanceWorks ’18


MorrisonDance, May 24-26th at 7:30pm

Tickets are $12 on Thursday, and $30 on Friday and Saturday

6415 Detroit Ave. Cleveland, OH 44102

For tickets visit or call 216-631-2727 ext 501

Choreographer & Director: Sarah Morrison

Contributing artists and performers:

Trad A Burns, Amanda Clark, MaryPat Dorr, Jenni Hankey, Taliesin Haugh, Kevin Jackson, David Lenahan, Braden Pontoli, Dana Wasielewski

MorrisonDance dreams photo by Bob Perksoki.jpg


Described as “Unique moving art” by Tom Mulready of Cool Clevelend, Morrison’s choreography will take the audience into the strange worlds of computer viruses, confused zebras, quirky book characters, peacock spiders, Dali’s dreams and more…! In this enlivening retrospective showcase, MorrisonDance will share a variety of hand-picked dances from their last 20 years of staged works. This is not to be missed!


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