Dance meets Science: Quantum Entanglement

Cleveland Public Theatre’s DanceWorks ’19 presents


in a double bill performance with


May 30, 2019 – June 01, 2019
7:30pm, Thu/Fri/Sat, Gordon Square Theatre
6415 Detroit Ave. Cleveland, OH 44012
Standard Price (Thursday): $15
Standard Price (Friday, Saturday): $25

purchase tickets here
or call 216-631-2727 ext 501




Choreographer & Director: Sarah Morrison

Contributing artists and performers:  Amanda Clark, MaryPat Dorr, Dana Wasielewski, Mawusi Nenonene, Celia Romanoski, Ian Lawrence

MorrisonDance is excited to once again be a part of Cleveland Public Theatre’s DanceWorks’ series! The company will be sharing new choreography inspired by the concept of “Quantum Entanglement,” embodying the most unusual scientific theories to share a visually appealing, intellectually fascinating, and mind-boggling presentation of dance! Dance meets Science: Quantum Entanglement will premiere May 30-June 1stin a shared evening with work by the new group “madcap”.

Quantum Entanglement is a theory in science that describes a very curious connection between tiny particles, even when they are separated at a great distance, as though they are “talking to each other” faster than the speed of light! Einstein called it “Spooky Action at a Distance,” because he felt it was so strange. Other Scientists explain that Quantum Entanglement is like falling into Wonderland through the Rabbit Hole, where expectations are defied at the microscopic level. The theory has been used to build supercomputers and GPS systems, yet scientists STILL have a hard time describing what it is outside of the language of math. Feel free to just enjoy the dances as dances, or if you are into the science, you can make your own curious connections!

MorrisonDance photo credit (above): Bob Perkoski

MorrisonDance is supported in part by the residents of Cuyahoga County through a public grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.




An experiment in transcribing voicemails into movement, Transcription Beta offers a lighthearted look into a variety of relationships. Whether a goofy sentiment, a simple reminder, or a message of life’s milestones, voicemails reflect a moment in time when two people missed one another.

Creators and Performers: Annie Morgan and Tyler Ring

About madcap
Founded in 2018, madcap is a collaborative dance project co-created by Annie Morgan and Tyler Ring. Both currently dance artists with GroundWorks DanceTheater in Cleveland, OH, madcap was created to experience new movement languages with an interest in generating dance through varied multimedia. Our co-creators find themselves wanting to share stories, engage, and provoke audiences through a wide range of platforms. The premise for Transcription Beta was sparked during GroundWorks DanceTheater’s 2018 ChoreoLab project. Recently, madcap collaborated with Pittsburgh-based film group, Penthouse Oblivion, on a dance work choreographed for the camera. In addition to Cleveland Public Theatre’s 2019 DanceWorks Series, madcap choreographed and performed at the Ten Tiny Dances performance series in Columbus, OH.

madcap photo credit (above): Dominic Iudiciani



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