Watch short dances every Monday from the comfort of your own bubble!

- Photo © Bob Perkoski,


Watch Streamed Recordings of Dances from the MorrisonDance Vault

Modern dance fans can watch one dance at a time on the MorrisonDance Facebook page on Mondays “around” 2:00pm. “We say ‘around’ 2:00pm because, well, we all know the internet from home can be finicky for video uploads!” says director, Morrison, who is no stranger to online performing. Morrison created and presented the world’s first dance concert over the internet at 38.8 kb/sec in September of 1997. While the internet has come a long way since then, the “Monday Moves” dances will not be live, since the dancers cannot yet rehearse or perform together. Until we are all ready to come out of our “bubbles”, MorrisonDance hopes home viewers will enjoy some of their favorite dances, or creations they never had a chance to see live!

Additionally, MorrisonDance started a separate page to host and share “Quarantine Qreations.” If you are more interested in moving than watching, feel free to share your own moves on their page! Upload anytime to their new page created specifically for this time: 


About MorrisonDance

Since 1997, MorrisonDance has integrated the art of movement within cross-disciplinary collaborations, continuously challenging the traditional understanding of dance.  The small non-profit dance company gets its unique strength from performers trained in a variety of movement arts willing to stretch their abilities through presentations in alternative venues and through experimental presentations combining nature, technology, and other artistic disciplines.  MorrisonDance works to create viscerally aesthetic presentations and has developed unique creative partnerships with organizations such as BrainMaster and NASA, allowing them to explore new marriages between art and science.  With over 50 original creations, MorrisonDance has been honored by the Robert Rauschenberg foundation, Ohio Arts Council and OhioDance.  This is no ordinary dance company.

Photo above is taken by Bob Perkoski.

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