MorrisonDance presents “25 Years with MorrisonDance” at cleveland PUBLIC theatre’s DanceWorks April 20-22, 2023

MorrisonDance will perform “Rapid Eye Movement” as part of their 25th anniversary showcase – Photo © Bob Perkoski

Thursday-Saturday, April 20-22 @ 7pm

Cleveland Public Theatre

6415 Detroit Ave. Cleveland, OH 44102

Tickets $35


MorrisonDance has been sharing unique moving art in Cleveland and beyond for 25 years! You won’t want to miss this eclectic mix of choreography directed by Sarah Morrison, with contributing artists and performers, Amanda Clark, Anthony Jamison II, David Lenahan, Tabitha Miner, Braden Pontoli, Taylor Raines, Ian Smith, and a guest appearance by former MorrisonDance company member and national choreographer, Maree ReMalia.

If you are new to dance on stage, or a seasoned dance-goer, there will be a little something for everyone!!! From surreal bird-like creatures tipping their cone-shaped hats to Swan Lake, all the way to jumps and rolls exploring the force of gravity at 9.8m/s^2, MorrisonDance productions always ignite curiosity and delight! Celebrating 25 years of sharing the joy of dance, MorrisonDance has been known for its quirky and visually intriguing performances. Get your tickets now to see choreography that will showcase what dance critic Steve Sucato has called a “visual treat.”


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