Signature Core Services

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Throughout all of our school programming, MorrisonDance applies the Ohio Department of Education Standards, and adheres to the national Young Audiences’ signature core service elements:

Experience          Understand          Create          Connect

Through integration of dance instruction of scientific principles, we are adding the S.T.E.A.M. to S.T.E.M.! (science, technology, engineering, ARTS and math).

The following links are Signature Core Service descriptions of our programs for educators who may wish to look deeper into our curricular offerings:

PreK: Fit Fun Frolic SCS MorrisonDance 2012

K-8: Science of Choreography SCS MorrisonDance 2012

K-2: It All Adds Up! MorrisonDance SCS 2012

K-4: What I learned from the Flamingo SCS MorrisonDance 2012

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