Sarah Morrison talks STEAM at the NASA Glenn Open House, Sunday, May 22

Sarah Morrison talks STEAM at the NASA Glenn Open House, Sunday, May 22

Artistic Director, Sarah Morrison, has never considered dance as separate from Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering (STEM). In fact, she often uses these areas as inspiration for her choreography and educational outreach programs. “Dancing IS physics. It IS geometry. It IS sequential and mathematical. I never understood how it became considered such a ‘separate’ discipline when … Continue reading

MorrisonDance in Detroit

MorrisonDance is excited to be sharing “PhoboPhobia” as a part of Kristi Faulkner Dance’s REGENERATION at the Marlene Boll Theater April 22 & 23, 2016 at 8PM. Get tickets here! REGENERATION explores themes of revival and renewal through the lens of 28 different artists hailing from 6 states over the course of 2 days. Kristi Faulkner – … Continue reading

HUManIMALS at Cleveland Public Theatre, March 17-19, 2016

Cleveland Public Theatre’s DanceWorks ’16 presents MorrisonDance in HUManIMALS Chilean Flamingos dance in private, Capuchin Monkeys reject unequal pay, Peacock Spiders use “jazz hands,” and that all too elusive animal group – humans – well, they have introspection. Animal behavior has often been studied to try to gain a greater understanding of humans, and in … Continue reading


Open call to dancers/performers (paid performance opportunity): Sunday, January 17, 2016 10:00-1:00pm PULSE DANCE STUDIO 661 Broadway Ave.  Bedford, OH 44146 MorrisonDance is casting MALE and FEMALE dancers/performers for our new project “humANimals” to premiere during Cleveland Public Theatre’s DanceWorks ’16, March 17-19, 2016. In line with MorrisonDance’s goal to synthesize a breadth of dance … Continue reading


While MorrisonDance is hiding in the studio creating, we will be posting videos of previously performed dances that have not yet been released online for TBT on our Facebook site – make sure to check us out! Today’s release is PhoboPhobia Concept, creation and costumes by Sarah Morrison. Creative contributions and performance by Jenni Hankey … Continue reading

Rauschenberg SEED Summit 2015

For the second year in a row, MorrisonDance had the honor of being one of several national arts organizations supported by the Rauschenberg Foundation and invited to share a week of reflection at the Rauschenberg studios in Captiva, FL. Our hearts are full, our brains are rapidly firing with ideas, and our motivation is renewed! … Continue reading

Zugzwang Zebra selected for Playhouse Square’s FREE Dance showcase on September 11th!

Zebras at Playhouse Square and Cleveland Public Theatre! FRIDAY, SEPT 11th at 7pm Dance Showcase at Playhouse Square PALACE theatre 1501 Euclid Avenue, Suite 200 Cleveland, Ohio 44115 FREE – but you must reserve tickets here! Sarah Morrison’s solo “Zugzwang Zebra” has been selected to be included in Cleveland’s exciting annual dance showcase event at Playhouse … Continue reading


MorrisonDance has an exciting spring line-up of premieres! Cleveland Public Theatre, DanceWorks 15 a shared evening with the Movement Project ZUGZWANG Thurs-Sat, April 2-4th, 2015 tix: $12-$28  call 216-631-2727 to reserve your tickets now! MOCA AREA MT: Moving Perceptions TriC presents MorrisonDance and area performers as they take over the galleries through site-specific dance choreovisations! Thursday, … Continue reading


cho·re·o·vi·sa·tion //ˌkôrēˈäviˈzāSHən// noun 1. the action of improvising and fluidly adapting and changing choreography within multiple unpredictable environments that differ from the stage, allowing professional dancers to bring thematic movement vocabulary into the super fun environments of street festivals!  “Through choreovisation, MorrisonDance can perform in any environment, allowing the dancers to interact with audience members, random … Continue reading