Seeking performers of all kinds for LIVE event!


Sarah Morrison, Trad Burns, and Chuck Karnack are requesting proposals for inclusion in the City Is Our Stage. We are looking for creative and positive representations of how we, as members of an artistic community are dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. How having our passion put on hold will not keep our creative spirits from sharing all we have to give!

Priorities for inclusion are for individual artists or groups of artists sheltering together in the fields of Music, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Poetry, and/or Dance. We are seeking a balance of a variety of genres overall for the event. We are welcoming artists to apply who reside or can perform in a place that is within a 15-mile radius of downtown Cleveland.

The City Is Our Stage would be a ticketed event. Our mobile audience members would receive a map to drive to 5-10 different addresses to witness a 5-10 minute performance. These performances would take place on private property and could be on the front porches, lawns, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots or venues of area artists. Performing artists must own the property or have permission to use the location for this purpose from the property owner.

Sarah Morrison, Trad Burns, and Chuck Karnack will support the event and artists with augmented press/media, and technical guidance as needed. As well as professional advising in both production and artistic concerns.

Submitted ideas should be dynamic representations of your work that can be viewed from a motor vehicle as they park in front of your property. Proposed locations must be able to legally accommodate parking for at least one motor vehicle. You can come up with any creative way of performing that is safe and allows for social distancing between the performers and your mobile audience members. This event will be family-friendly, and the more creative you are, the more excitement for our audiences. If your house or apartment has a super cool feature that would allow you to perform from it, go for it! Let your creativity run wild!


Audience members would buy a ticket online for their preferred “circuit”. Travel circuits will be determined following submissions, either based on physical proximity or artistic medium (i.e. dance, music, etc), or both. We will publish the names of the performers in each circuit, but the locations will only be revealed to the ticket holders on the day of the performances.

On the day of the performance, the ticket buyer would show up at a specific time to a starting location and receive a digital map with the performance locations pinpointed on the map and a driving route. They would then head off on their adventure throughout the greater Cleveland area neighborhoods. This route would be pre-planned to account for how long it would take to get to each location so artists would have a general idea of when their performances would take place. Once the car arrives, you would start your performance of 5-10 minutes, and once it is completed, the vehicle would move on to their next locations.

Depending upon the number of submissions, each artist would perform their piece no more than 5 times. Depending upon demand, this event may take place over several days.


Request for Proposal/Interest will be accepted from this posting date until Tuesday, June 30, 2020. Artists would be informed of their acceptance by July 15th.

Performance dates would be August 15-16 and/or August 22-23, depending upon the number of participants and audience interest.


We realize that things change as a production develops. Please answer the following to the best of your ability. If accepted, artists will be asked to have a zoom meeting with the producers and submit updates throughout their creative process.

Information requested:

  • Artist/Group Name & Contact information:
  • Type of performance: Dance, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Music, Poetry:
  • Address of performance location:
  • How many cars can you legally accommodate at your location? (i.e. 2: one in my driveway & one on the street if I block off a space with cones.):
  • Artistic Performance Specifics: 3-5 sentences describing the performance and where would you perform this at your residence (i.e. front yard, porch, balcony, stairwell, sidewalk, etc.):
  • Technical Performance specifics: what you wish to perform, is it live or recorded music, is there video, props, etc. (no more than 1 page):
  • Online video links of previous work, excerpts (preferred); please indicate how the work sample submitted is relevant to the work you are proposing for this event. If available, please share clips demonstrating the ability to integrate your art within a unique venue:
  • Professional reviews; artist/company bio, history; YouTube or Vimeo links to demo reel (for publicity purposes):
  • Any press quotes about the artist(s):
  • The approximate number of performers (keep in mind that social distancing rules should apply for those not sheltering together):
  • Approximate length of the performance:

Please send your proposals to The City Is Our Stage at with “The City Is Our Stage” in the subject line.

We are looking to help sustain artists, audiences, and our community through programming that engages and entertains.

All proceeds from this event will be split evenly between the participating submissions.

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